Madoka brings personalized wellness services through: yoga, mindfulness, essential oils, and vegan food education. As the founder and wellness consultant of Circle Yogini, Madoka helps her students integrate the powerful healing modalities of yoga, essential oils and mindfulness into their lives.

Why CircleYogini? The symbol for Madoka (円) means “circle” in Japanese.  CircleYogini is an embodiment of this intention to soften and round — Softening our expectations of a defined perfection. Rounding our breath into a smooth, circular texture. Releasing our tenacious grip on certainty. Softening our reactive patterns, and our narratives of what we should and should not feel. Instead, let’s  experience our practice with loving kindness for exactly where we land. Come full circle into our very own selves, so that we may ride this continuous wave of discovery with boundless love, courage and gentleness.

Madoka is a RYT 200 Yoga Teacher based in Oakland.