Madoka teaches vinyasa flow with her heart, guiding students through a mindful and focused dialogue with their bodies and breath.

In Madoka’s classes, students are invited to be curious as they challenge themselves to travel through familiar and unfamiliar terrains of the body and mind. She will encourage you to challenge yourself, while holding space for stillness and find intimacy with that silence — to simply allow ourselves to be, just as we are — still but not stuck, beautifully whole, and always sincere. She believes in our individual and collective ability to emanate healing, growth, and empowerment from within.

Madoka teaches a variety of styles of yoga including vinyasa, hatha, therapeutic/ yin yoga. Every class is rooted in mindfulness and therapeutic movement. By incorporating various styles in her classes, she creates a cohesive balance between deep, meditative stillness and active, energizing movement. Madoka is also a certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher for Teens: She is actively involved in spreading the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to youths, regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances.



Raised mostly in Japan and parts of Europe, Madoka is a Hapa Yogini fueled by her love for travel, music, color-mixing, yoga and animals. Nature is her most admired friend and mentor. She enjoys tree climbing, surfing, swing riding, painting, dancing, snowboarding and watching ocean sunsets. On the weekends you will find Madoka surfing with her brown mermaid sisters from Brown Girl Surf .