Beginner Yoga (Level 1)

Build a strong foundation by learning proper breath technique and alignment of the joints and spine in basic standing and seated postures. This class is perfect for first timers or those looking for a gentle introduction to yoga.

Core Yoga (Level 2 – 3)

Build core strength and increase your flexibility in a class that combines the best stability moves from Yoga, Pilates and Conditioning.

Hot Spot Yo Power Flow (Level 2 -3)

A dynamic vinyasa flow class designed to challenge your balance, energize your spirit and restore your soul. Music and sequence are created by each of our instructors, be prepared for a journey. Expect inversions, arm balances, creative sun salutations, standing balance, backbends and hip opening. I will break down advanced postures and offer you all the variations in between. Class ends with scented lavender towels!

Advanced Yoga (Level 3)

Enjoy this vigorous class for participants with a solid grasp of alignment fundamentals. Students are introduced to more advanced breath work and poses, such as arm balances, deep hip openers, inversions and backbends. Expect some killer core work! This class may not be appropriate for beginners.

Hot Spot Honey Lounge -Therapeutic/Yin Yoga (All levels)
Explore the softer side of yoga, where our focus is on releasing tension in our fascia. Prop up your body with blocks and blankets and drift into the depth of stillness. Class ends with scented lavender towels and a long, juicy savasana.