Hi, I’m Madoka (she/her, mixed-race/Japanese-French) – I was raised mostly in Japan and Europe. I look really brown for someone who is half East Asian and half White, which makes it interesting when navigating colorism and the white supermacist beauty standards that exist in Asia. I remember feeling like I didn’t “belong” anywhere as a youth. But yet I “pass” as local in many different countries, which is a benefit and privilege that comes with being racially ambiguous. Long story short, my entire life was (and still is) a series of internal negotiations and perpetual identity questions/revelations that come with the experience of being mixed-race. Yoga and mindfulness gives me a home-base, where I can always come back to myself whole-heartedly and be enough. I teach trauma-informed practices through yin, hatha, vinyasa and restorative yoga. My relationship to yoga is complicated, because the process of decolonizing a heavily commodified Western yoga practice requires internal work, humility and relentless dedication to challenge the status quo. After completing my 200HR teacher training, I pursued additional trauma-informed yoga training through The Prison Yoga Project, the Niroga Institute, and RISE Yoga for Youth. My practice is rooted in injury-prevention, chronic pain management, and the calming of our central nervous system.

Why CircleYogini? The symbol for Madoka (円) means “circle” in Japanese.  CircleYogini is an embodiment of this intention to soften and round — Softening our expectations of a defined perfection. Rounding our breath into a smooth, circular texture. Releasing our tenacious grip on certainty (we have very little control, after all). Softening our reactive patterns, and our narratives of what we should and should not feel on the mat and in our bodies and mind. Instead, let’s experience our practice with loving kindness for exactly where we land and come full circle into our very own selves. 

I’m a RYT 200 Yoga Teacher based in Ohlone land (Oakland), CA.